A lifetime pCloud account is a great iCloud alternative

Have you thought about what might happen if your computer was suddenly lost or stolen? Would you have all of your precious memories, critical files, and amazing multimedia creations backed up? Or would you lose them forever? Cloud storage is a great way to solve this problem. There are lots of cloud storage options to choose from, but one of the best is pCloud. Head below for a closer look and get a special 75% off lifetime plans and 50% off annual plans for Black Friday.

Many aspects of pCloud will be very familiar to you if you’ve used other cloud services like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, or iCloud. At the end of the day, it’s a server in the cloud where you can store just about anything. But one of the biggest things that sets pCloud apart is that they offer lifetime subscriptions, which means you can pay once for a lifetime storage plan and have access to that storage forever.

In fact, for Black Friday, the company is offering 75% off for its lifetime storage options, and they come in two sizes: premium with 500GB and premium plus with 2TB. The 500GB plan is normally $480 but is temporarily available for $122.50, while the latter 2TB plan normally runs $980 but can be had for $245 today. Both of these plans come with many features that will easily ensure you never think about storage, backup, or file sharing storage ever again.

Want to go with a cheaper plan? You can pay annually with an exclusive annual plan at 50% off for 9to5Mac readers.

The most obvious pCloud feature is the ability to store and backup all the files on your Mac. If you get the 2TB plan, most people find that no matter what they do, it’s going to be near impossible to run out of cloud storage — that 2TB will easily surpass the storage available on a Mac or other laptop for most people. That means, if you ever do fill it up, it will take multiple years.

How do you backup your files? Just like other services like Dropbox and iCloud Drive, your pCloud storage will appear in your desktop file browser, making it easy to access and store files on your laptop without taking up any space on your hard drive. These files can be easily accessed from any device you own, including laptops, phones, and tablets using the pCloud app.

If you want to skip on paying monthly for Apple’s iCloud photo storage, you can also put your lifetime pCloud account to use for backing up photos and videos from your smartphone. Just install the pCloud iOS app and all your latest pictures will be sent to the cloud. You can view and manage these through the Mac app, the various pCloud mobile apps, or even the pCloud website.

Another great thing you can do with your pCloud account is send large files to family, friends, or coworkers using its public links feature. Just upload the file you want to send to your pCloud account, copy and paste the public link, and then send that link as you normally would. The person on the other end just has to click the link and your large file will promptly download to their device. You can even customize these shared links with your own title, image, headline, and description.

Don’t want to be too dependent on cloud storage for your most important files? That’s a valid concern, and one that pCloud thought about when building out this offering. Because they know you’re using their service for important data, you can always access the most recent 30 days of files and folders. So no matter what, if a given file has been on their servers, you have those 30 days of advanced file recovery at your fingertips.

While most cloud storage services — at least if they offer a decent amount of storage like the 2TB pCloud plan — will cost upwards of $10 per month indefinitely, pCloud will give you the same amount of storage forever for the equivalent of just a couple years of subscription payments for those other services. Check out 75% off Lifetime storage options for Black Friday, and learn more about everything the service offers, over at pCloud’s site.

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