AirBands are Apple Watch bands designed to hold your AirPods, what do you think?

Every so often, a product pops up on Kickstarter that seems one-half genius and one-half crazy. AirBand is an Apple Watch band designed to hold your AirPods and seems to fit that mold perfectly.

Essentially, AirBands are Apple Watch bands that have a dedicated spot to quickly store your AirPods or AirPods Pro. Matt Youngblood, the creator of the project, explains:

The AirPod case is an excellent storage device for keeping your AirPods safe but there are certain times where it just isn’t convenient. It is in those gaps where an AirPod case gets lost or stolen. This is why I invented the AirBand; an Apple Watch band for your AirPods.

AirBand is designed to be used for temporary AirPods storage; such as when you need to take your AirPods out for just a few minutes:

Sometimes you just need to store your AirPods for a moment as you pull out your credit card at checkout or when you run into someone when working out. It isn’t practical in those moments to dig out your AirPod case. You need someplace that you can have confidence that your AirPods will be safe.

This is certainly an interesting idea and I can think of a few situations where it would be useful to have nearby AirPods storage right on my wrist. It’s not practical for long-term storage, but as the Kickstarter explains, that’s not the purpose. And of course, there’s the issue of charging: most of the time, I’m putting my AirPods in their case just to add a few minutes of battery life.

AirBand is currently scheduled to ship in May of 2020, and you can lock-in early bird pricing on Kickstarter for $20. As always, you should proceed with caution when it comes to backing Kickstarter projects. A variety of factors can oftentimes contribute to whether or not a project ends up shipping on time — or even shipping at all.

What do you think? Is the AirBands idea genius or dumb? Let us know in the poll below and down in the comments.

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