Apple Watch Series 6 always-on smartwatch can measure your blood oxygen level » Gadget Flow

The Apple Watch Series 6 always-on smartwatch is unlike any of its previous models. Sure, it boasts watchOS 7, but it comes with so much more technology. In fact, this new Apple Watch can even measure your blood oxygen level with its new health sensor. It shines red and infrared light onto your wrist and measures the light that reflects back. In just 15 seconds, it obtains this measurement right from your wrist. Additionally, it uses motion and heart rate sensors to measure VO2s. And it can measure a full range of maximum VO2 values, which is a powerful predictor of overall health. The most colorful watch lineup from Apple yet, this watch case comes in blue aluminum, gold stainless steel, grey-black stainless steel, and red. With its always-on display, it also has an always-on altimeter for hiking and climbing. You’ll love the incredibly colorful, advanced Apple Watch Series 6.

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