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Listening to what people have to say, and developing awareness of social consequences of what you do is not just recommendable, but fundamental.  

You can’t make everybody happy. In the current times of a heated social media debate, you have to stomach a continuous flow of comments. They come in any form and tone. It is the ‘tone of voice’ that gets most of the buzz. Feedback is, most often than not, very abrasive. That’s life. We live in the era of feedback, and we have to make the most out of it. People want in. Communication has always been a cooperative effort. We shouldn’t be shocked that divergence exists. It takes courage to listen and make a move.    

Here are three suggestions, if you have a business:

  • Be open, and make a move (*). Step back, listen, never judge, absorb, analyze, define what you want. When a deadline comes, make your move. Comments will continue to hit you, but you have gone through the process, and should have no fears.
  • Boost your post-Sales, CRM, social media listening and consumer insight capabilities thanks to new technologies. Bad currency (feedback) travels faster. But tools like AI, for example, can help you filter through data, and find essential improvements in your consumer journey.      
  • Your product is not the bible. Anything can be perfected, even minutes after launch. Spotify continuously improves services, based on usage. There is nothing personal. Don’t be perfect, be fast.  

Businesses, like individuals, need to be social champions. Use debate as a source of information, and don’t raise your voice. You will get a better business out of it, and won’t waste your time. Gratuitous comments are always there. Neutralize them with empathy, and turn them into good PR.

It will be hard. Soft skills will be as needed as hard skills. Make sense of the world, before bad currency makes us believe business is hopeless. It’s not.


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