Coronavirus is not only affecting humans but emojis too

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Unicode Consortium has decided to postpone the release of the v14.0 Unicode standard for six months. The 14th version of the Unicode Standard would have included a number of new emojis.

“This year we simply can’t commit to the same schedule we’ve adhered to in the past.”, said the President of the Consortium, Mark Davis.

Unicode Consortium strongly relies on volunteers. The current global situation is preventing those volunteers from completing the version in the given timeline. Hence, in the best interests of volunteers, the emoji-making organization has pushed the release of the v14.0 of the Unicode Standard to September 2021.

To recall, the v13.0 of the Unicode Standard was approved just two months ago. However, those emojis will be included in the release of Android 11.

Source: Unicode Consortium

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