Facebook cancels all large events until July 2021, allows remote work through summer

Work from home has become the new norm in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic to help prevent more cases of infection. Following in the footsteps of many other companies, Facebook has announced that employees can choose to work remotely through the summer.

“We’ve also let our employees know that even after more of our teams can return, if there’s any reason they feel they can’t work in our offices — because they are in a vulnerable population, because with schools and camps canceled they don’t have childcare, or anything else — that they can plan to work from home through at least the summer” Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg wrote.

Moreover, Facebook says it has canceled all physical events with a gathering of 50 or more people until July 2021. Instead, the social media giant will hold online events and virtual meetings to make announcements, akin to what other industry giants have been doing recently.

Source: Facebook

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