Fast and free SSL certificates with ZeroSSL

ZeroSSL is a new, completely free and trusted certificate authority and SSL Platform that makes it easy and affordable to create SSL certificates.

Try ZeroSSL now for free and head below for our hands-on look at the new platform:

Hands-on with ZeroSSL’s free SSL protection:

ZeroSSL is a new platform that aims to offer the first real alternative to Let’s Encrypt, offering a completely free platform for SSL certificates for your website, domain or backend system through an easy-to-use UI and API. With ZeroSSL, you can get single domain, multi-domain and wildcard certificates for free through ACME, and you can also create 1-year certificates with an affordable subscription plan.

ZeroSSL gives you an intuitive management console that allows you to configure new SSL certificates, initiate validation and installation, and manage existing certificates. It also includes expiration reminders, developer settings to access or reset API access keys, and more. With ZeroSSL, you get one-step email validation, automatic Certificate Signing Requests, CNAME Validation, and HTTP file uploads.

The company is launching the new platform in partnership with an existing certificate authority, and is a completely trusted Sub-Authority on its own. While offering an alternative to platforms like Let’s Encrypt, ZeroSSL not only offers ACME, but also an API that allows users to create 90-day and 1-year validity certificates with ease.

Along with its current offerings available for free to all now, it’s also launching its own ACME Server to allow all existing ACME & Let’s Encrypt Client automate certificate issuing.

Another difference to Let’s Encrypt is ZeroSSL’s ability to validate domain ownership via email (in addition to DNS) making the process of issuing certificates via the UI easier than every before. On top of ACME, ZeroSSL also offers a REST API supporting all major programming languages to automatically issue certificates.

Head over to the company’s website now to learn more and try ZeroSSL’s free SSL protection today.

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