Faster, smaller, simpler Facebook Messenger coming to the iPhone

If you are using an iPhone (or an iOS device), a new version of Facebook Messenger will be available to you in the coming weeks.

The company has recently made the app easier to navigate by removing the Discovery tab, but now a completely new app is being announced.

The new Facebook Messenger app will be lightweight and fast. To quote Facebook, it will be a quarter in size, twice as fast, with 84 percent last code compared to the current version of the app.

The project is internally codenamed Project LightSpeed, and it will hit iOS devices over the next few weeks.

Faster: A faster start time may not matter as much if you only open an app once or twice a day to play a game or watch a movie, but it makes a huge difference when you open an app many times a day to respond to messages from the people who matter most. 

Smaller: A smaller app means Messenger starts, downloads and updates faster for everyone, including people who use the app on older devices or in areas with lower connectivity where every kilobyte counts. 

Simpler: We’ve streamlined the app while keeping it rich with features and making it easier for our engineers to build better experiences. For example, we’ve reduced the contact list from 40 versions to one that works consistently across the app. This not only helps with the cognitive load for people, but it also means engineers don’t need to build new experiences from the ground up. 


Source: Facebook

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