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The Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard surely looks antique, but it acts totally modern. In fact, this Bluetooth mechanical keyboard can pair with up to three different devices. So you can use it with your tablet and monitor—and share it with a family member. What’s more, this retro mechanical keyboard connects via USB and Bluetooth, depending on whether you want to opt for a wired or wireless connection. Giving you a tactile typing experience, this wireless typewriter keyboard also ensures you get that clickety-clackety typing sound you love. It’ll make you feel like you’re truly making progress as you speedily type through your next masterpiece. Combining up-to-date technology with a nostalgic design, it even has LED backlights for a soft white glow. Use the left roller nob to adjust the lights, the mounting stand for a comfortable angle, and the right roller knob to adjust the volume.

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