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Tell the future in the classic style with the Keymaster Tarot Original Tarot Deck. It features unique artwork with classic iconography. So the Major Arcana (or 22 most important cards) are in the style of the Rider-Waite Smith (from 1910) and Tarot De Marseille (the 1700s). You can choose among three variants: KEYMASTER TAROT BASIC, KEYMASTER TAROT SUPERIOR, AND KEYMASTER TAROT ULTIMATE (with gilded edges). Design-wise, all variants of this beautiful tarot deck have gold foiled graphics on the front and back. Also, the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana are immediately distinguishable when you do spreads. This is because the 22 Major Arcana have a thick golden border. What’s more, the number of cards combine French and Latin suits. The Latin suits appear as golden sigils over the French pips. The Keymaster Tarot, with 78 cards, is certain to inspire anyone who does readings.

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