LG Velvet is the company’s first smartphone to flaunt its new design language

Earlier this week, LG revealed a fresh design language for its upcoming smartphones, but didn’t reveal much about any device in the pipeline. Today, LG has officially announced that the first smartphone to adopt its new design strategy will be called LG Velvet.

LG says in its official press release that the LG Velvet will flaunt the “Raindrop” camera lens design and “a symmetrical, flowing form factor that is both pleasing to the eye and pleasing to touch.” Going by the sketches, the LG Velvet will likely feature a metallic frame sandwiched between glass at the front and back.

As for the LG Velvet name, the Korean electronics giant says it is abandoning the typical alphanumeric naming scheme. Instead, LG’s upcoming phones will have expressive names that capture the essence of the device. The new direction adopted by LG further adds fuel to the rumours claiming that LG is pulling the plugs on the ‘G’ series phones.

Source: LG

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