Massive Apple Glass leak reveals $499 price, early design, LiDAR sensor, and more

Apple Glass (yes, that’s the name of Apple’s highly anticipated AR glasses) is coming sooner than expected, but the final product may not look as futuristic as the hundreds of concepts floating around on the internet. But there are still a few tricks that will attract buyers and might make the Apple Glass yet another groundbreaking product from the company.

The massive leak comes courtesy of serial Apple leakster Jon Prosser of the FrontPageTech fame, who has so far had a solid track record. Prosser notes that the Apple Glass might be unveiled in Q4 2020 or Q1 2021, and that Apple wants ‘physical’ media presence to unveil it as a ‘one more thing’ announcement.

Prosser claims all processing will happen on the iPhone linked to the Apple Glass, which not only cuts the cost, but also keeps them from becoming too bulky and looking weird. There will be a display in both the lenses and the UI is internally being called “Starboard.”

Users will be able to control the UI elements through gestures in front of the glasses that will be recognized with the help of a LiDAR sensor mounted on the right temple. The Apple Glass will also be able to scan custom Apple QR codes that were recently spotted in leaked iOS 14 files. Plus, the Apple Glass will also support wireless charging.

Prosser claims that from what he has seen in an early prototype video, the Apple Glass will look like a generic set of glasses with a plastic frame. But since it was a prototype, Apple might go with a more premium metal frame on the final product. But the most surprising part will be the price, which is set at $499 plus the cost of a prescription.

Yes, you can fit prescription lenses on the Apple Glass. And no, you won’t be able to customize them to look like sunglasses because there are some technical issues with displaying information on tinted glass.

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