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Sure, you can control your lights from afar and answer the doorbell when you’re not actually there with your current smart home setup. But what if you could make that arrangement even better? It’s possible, given how the market for smart home gadgets keeps expanding. That’s why today we’re rounding up these new smart home gadgets you need to see.

Enhance your smart home setup with some of these cool new IoT gadgets. If you’ve already been connecting your lightbulbs, doorbells, and speakers for some time, you might be wondering just how you can add to what you already own. Luckily, many of these new smart home gadgets you need to see work with popular voice assistants and smart home setups of all sorts.

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From a smart air freshener that lets you set aroma schedules to a motion sensor that can turn on the lights the moment you step into a room, these gadgets won’t just make your home more convenient; they’ll transform it into a spot that truly anticipates your needs.

Roku All-in-One Streambar Pro

For cinematic sound, look no further than the Roku All-in-One Streambar Pro. With 4K streaming, it gives you dynamic sound, sharp resolution, and lifelike colors. It also comes with Dolby Audio and works with AirPlay, Alexa, Hey Google, and HomeKit.

Roku All-in-One Streambar Pro in a video

Roku Express 4K+ UHD Streaming Device

Want an easier way to control your entertainment? Go for the Roku Express 4K+ UHD Streaming Device. This device comes with the Roku Voice Remote and lets you turn on the TV, adjust volume, and more with your voice. It’s also compatible with AirPlay, HomeKit, Hey Google, and Amazon Alexa.

New smart home gadgets: Roku Express 4K+ UHD Streaming Device on an entertainment console

Pura Smart Home Diffuser Frozen 2 Set

The Pura Smart Home Diffuser Frozen 2 Set made our list of new smart home gadgets you need to see because it’s an aroma diffuser for the tech age. Adjust the scent’s intensity, set schedules, and use the away mode with the handy app. The Frozen-inspired scents are kid and pet friendly.

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

Upgrade your home’s security with the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro. It stops would-be intruders in their tracks with ultra-bright LED floodlights. And the two-way talk feature with Audio+ allows you to let anyone know you’re home, wherever you are.

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 Smart Streaming Laser Projector

The Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 Smart Streaming Laser Projector is a new smart home gadget you need to see because it comes with built-in Android TV with wireless connectivity. What’s more, the ultra-short-throw design lets it produce a picture up to 120 inches in size, even when the projector is close to the wall.

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 Smart Streaming Laser Projector in a video

Nooie Cam Indoor Security Camera

It’s super easy to manage the Nooie Cam Indoor Security Camera. This smart home gadget works with Alexa and Google Assistant via voice command. So you can simply tell it what you want it to do. And with 1,080p Full HD live streaming, you can keep a lookout on anything in real time.

ecobee3 lite Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

Want to lower your heating and cooling bills? Then the ecobee3 lite Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat is the gadget for you. It automatically heats or cools your home when electricity is cheaper and cleaner. It even learns your routine and can make recommendations about your energy use.

ecobee3 lite smart Wi-Fi thermostat
ecobee3 lite smart Wi-Fi thermostat on a wall / Image Credits: Electrek

Eve Weather Climate Monitoring Device

The Eve Weather Climate Monitoring Device is one of our favorite new smart gadgets you need to see because it gives you an in-depth weather report at a glance. So the weather, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure are all on one screen. And since it works with Siri and HomeKit, it’s easy to integrate into your routine.

SensorsCall CareAlert Well-Being Monitor

Know that your older parent is safe with the SensorsCall CareAlert Well-Being Monitor. Just plug it into an outlet for a hands-free way to communicate with your loved one. Learning sensors let it detect motion, sound, air quality, and more.

Shelly Motion Wi-Fi Sensor

The Shelly Motion Wi-Fi Sensor is a new smart home gadget you need to see because it detects motion in less than 200 milliseconds. This lets it trigger an action immediately, like turning on the lights. And smart scheduling lets you turn on the lights dimly if you need to get up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water.

New smart home gadgets you need to see Shelly Motion Wi-Fi Sensor
Shelly Motion Wi-Fi Sensor in a person’s hand

Hex Home DIY Security System

Protect your home with the Hex Home DIY Security System. It gives you whole-home coverage and is easy to set up. Once you have it up and running, the connected mobile app lets you manage things like sensitivity levels. Best of all, its digital technology can see through walls and wrap around corners.

Opro9 Smart Air Purifier

Make your home smell better and reduce the time you spend cleaning with the Opro9 Smart Air Purifier. It minimizes odors and dust thanks to its rapid air circulation and automatic air purification. So you really don’t have to do anything to enjoy a cleaner, better-smelling home. Oh, and it works with Siri, Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Home, so controlling this smart air purifier is a breeze.

These are some of the best new smart home gadgets out there right now. From a cinematic soundbar to a smart thermostat, it’s never been easier to manage your home. Let us know which of these gadgets you’d love to own in the comment section.

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