The Bose Portable Home Speaker Packs a Punch at 7.5″ Tall

The Bose Portable Home Compact Bluetooth Speaker is a truly easy device to take with you from room to room. Weighing in at just 2.3 pounds, pretty much anyone can hold this compact speaker. Plus, it has a convenient carrying handle so you can still hear its impressive 360º sound while you’re transporting it. Completely wireless, this portable speaker has a 12-hour battery life. So listen to podcasts, the news, and music all day long, and then charge up this wireless speaker while you sleep. On top of all this, it’s a waterproof speaker. Take it on all your lakeside and boating adventures, because it can handle playful splashes and sprays of water. Use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and voice control to tell the Bose Portable Home Speaker what you want it to do and play next. Charge it with a USB cable, or purchase the charging cradle to dock it while it powers up.

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