Therabody Wave Duo smart roller curves around the back, spine, and neck for ideal pressure » Gadget Flow

Relieve back and neck soreness with the Therabody Wave Duo smart roller. This useful massage roller features ergonomic contouring that curves around the spine to target muscles. It also has five customizable vibration frequencies and high-traction wave grooves that give you the right amount of pressure at the ideal angle. This releases soreness, minimizes tension, and facilitates movement. If you have sore muscles due to your workout routine or work at a computer, this is a great massage gadget. Moreover, this smart roller connects to the Therabody app. From there, you can easily adjust the vibration intensity and explore recovery routines customized to your needs. Furthermore, with a 200-minute battery life, it ensures you won’t have to worry about charging it constantly. Finally, the noise-dampening silicone keeps this gadget’s operation discreet and calming.

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