This All-in-One Butter Tool Has a Built-In Steel Slicer

Cooking can be messy, but the Butter Twist All-in-One Butter Tool from BTTR Kitchen ensures it’s cleaner than usual. This gadget makes it easier than before to use butter. Whether you’re baking a cake, prepping a cast iron skillet, or rubbing it on some toast, butter is a versatile ingredient. Designed for East-Coast style sticks, this gadget lets you put the butter inside so your hands remain grease-free. Then just push the slider forward to spread butter. With an integrated steel cutter that slices precisely when rotated, the device even has markings for each tablespoon. When you need to wash it, just take the four dishwasher-safe BPA-free pieces apart and put it in your dish-washing machine. Because the butter remains securely inside the Butter Twist, it’s easy for anyone of any age to use at the table. For storage, it’ll easily fit in your refrigerator’s butter compartment.

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