This App-Controlled Desk Raises and Lowers on its Own

Tired of your desk not suiting your needs? The AiT Smart One App-Controlled Desk will change the way you work. This unique, height-adjustable desk takes care of your health and is easily controlled by a smartphone app. Each desk can monitor your time spent sitting and indicate when it’s time to get up and continue working in a standing position. The app compiles office-friendly personalized fitness and stress relief exercises. So you can achieve your goals and to help you relax while at work. Your smart desk even has sensors that will inform you of the air quality of the room and tells you when it’s time to open a window. Best of all are the extra features. You’ll have an integrated wireless charger, security drawer, integrated cable management, ambient LED lighting, and Bluetooth speakers. Plus an ergonomic footrest, an aromatherapy diffuser, cable management, and an under-desk PC holder.

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