This Everyday Family Bag Will Fit All of Your Needs

When you work and have a family, you need a bag for everything. From commuting to exploring to toting your baby’s belongings, wouldn’t it be easier to have one bag to rule them all? Now you can have that with the Ichiro by Kai Everyday Family Bag. All about seamlessly accessing items, it has tons of internal organization, including a clever capsule module and dual-wing system. Additionally, the capsule easily slides out to store baby-changing essentials without exposing the rest of the bag to germs. Furthermore, you can access the capsule by swinging Ichiro in front of you without opening the top flap. At some point, almost everyone struggles to find storage for small items lost in a backpack void. The various-sized pockets on the side wings of Ichiro save the day. Finally, this makes it great for parents who need a balance between function and aesthetics.

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