This Factory CarPlay Wireless Adapter Offers Free Updates

It’s okay if you currently have a wired CarPlay setup because the CPLAY2air Factory CarPlay Wireless Adapter transforms it into a wireless solution. This wired-to-wireless CarPlay device communicates so well that you get a stable connection. For uninterrupted audio, the CPLAY2air offers a seamless experience. The great thing about this device is that it supports most vehicle makes and models. From Audis to Fords and Mazdas to Volvos, this wireless CarPlay adapter works in most cars that are 2015 or newer. Additionally, it supports iPhone 5 and newer phones, and it works with aftermarket head units from Pioneer, Alpine, and Kenwood. It automatically connects every time you get in your car, so you don’t have to repeat annoying setup steps. This device supports Siri and steering wheel controls. Moreover, with free updates, this gadget keeps you running smoothly for all time.

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