This Holistic Wellness Tracker Includes Healing Crystals

With the Bellabeat Leaf Chakra Holistic Wellness Tracker, you’ll have a beautiful way to keep track of your health. This wearable device consists of natural crystals, hypoallergenic stainless steel, and wood composite. And, with all these natural materials, this wearable wellness tracker doesn’t require charging whatsoever. Designed specifically for women’s health, this Bellabeat necklace comes in two designs: Love and Power. Additionally, using the power of healing crystals, rose quartz, or onyx, it works as a necklace or a clip. Wear it on your shirt or the hem of your pants—either way, it’ll track your activity, sleep, stress, meditation, and reproductive health. Finally, with a long-lasting replaceable battery, it doesn’t use screens or buttons to distract you from living your daily life.

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