This Personal Hand Warmer Is a Great Addition to Your Desk

If your hands ever get chilly while typing, the Envavo Heatbuff Personal Hand Warmer is the cure-all you didn’t know existed. Using LED lights and infrared technology, this portable device sits by your keyboard and warms your hands while you work. Through rigorous testing, the device has been proven to increase blood flow and comfort while using a computer. And unlike other space heaters, this infrared hand warmer is completely silent. On top of this, the protective grill keeps your hands safe from burns should you slip up while working. Available with green, blue, white, or red natural LED light, the Envavo Heatbuff looks like some sort of futuristic space hardware and is the perfect addition to any serious gamer’s desk. That said, its functionality makes it great for anyone who spends hours at their computer.

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