This Protective Smartphone Cover Blocks 5G Waves

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Protect yourself from radiation with the Halo Protective Smartphone Cover & Accessories. They respond to research showing that electromagnetic waves cause biological stress and health problems. And it’s engineered to not only mitigate radiation but also be a functional phone case. Made from engineered polymers, it reduces how much passive radiation your smartphone exposes you to—especially in your pocket! This crucial smartphone accessory can snap to car mounts, and it has an optional finger hold wallet that mounts to the back. Separate them with ease and snap them back together as you please. Designed with high-end techniques in mechanical engineering and electromechanics, the case is truly protective. Moreover, it’s convenient. Additionally, it supports wireless charging through deliberate materials engineering and design, and it won’t destroy credit cards. Finally, you’ll feel good knowing that all the materials used to make this cover are 100% recyclable.

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