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You love filling your home with uniquely designed products. And of course, that also translates to the art you choose. If you like decorating your walls with innovative paintings that get people talking and thinking, then you’re going to love the Proximars Painting Collection robot-made art. This collection represents the interaction of a human artist and a robot through limited-edition Andy Warhol portraits.

While we can’t be sure about the role robots will have in our future, we’re getting a glimpse. There are already robotic delivery dogs and arms that can chop food. And most certainly, robots will also have a place in the art world. The collaboration between No Curves, a human artist, and Primus, a robot, is an example of how humans and robots might interact to create something new. Together, this Proximars Painting Collection robot-made art consists of tape portraits of Andy Warhol, where both No Curves and Primus had input in the final creation.

The Andy_Bot Collection features brightly-hued paintings designed by No Curves, a world-renown tape artist. The works feature bright colors and lines so geometric, it’s as though they’ve been drawn on an Etch A Sketch. No Curves selected Warhol as the subject of his work because of what the late artist represents for the merging of art and technology. Overall, these works are cool and futuristic. Ones you’ll want to hang in your modern home, preferably in a row.

A creative robot that can perform an artist’s demands

According to the Proximars Painting Collection Kickstarter page, Primus is an anthropomorphic robot that was designed to handle automotive components. After some years, Primus’s function became obsolete, and he was set aside in the corner of a warehouse. In September of 2019, he was rediscovered and got a considerable upgrade with artificial intelligence software and other hardware components. These abilities make Fusion capable of following a specific artist’s instructions, perfect for robot-created art.

Proximars Painting Collection Robot-Made Art on a Wall Next to a Floor Lamp

No Curves is one of the world’s leading tape artists

In this case, the specific artist is No Curves, one of the world’s most recognized tape artists. He draws using tape, a product that is mostly used as a work-tool. Yet in his hands, it becomes a means of expression and a way to investigate humans of the third millennium. No Curves’ work has been featured in major Italian museums as well as international projects and galleries. His creations have also been included in ad campaigns for brands, fashion, and urban art events. And with all this talk of art, might we suggest a few of our best creative gadgets for real and would-be artists?

Proximars Painting Collection Robot-Made Art

Proximars Painting Collection Robot-Made Art Against a Wall

This artistic robot works with a human artist

At this point, you’re probably wondering how exactly this robot-created art is made. How can a robot help a human artist? And what sort of independence could the machine have? In this case, the production process begins with the artist applying tape on Dibond slab using special tools to ensure the correct position of each piece. After the tape has been positioned, it’s time for Primus to begin. Primus is programmed to dispense acrylic paint on certain regions of the canvas. The instructions are a mix of pre-programmed commands and other parameters that the robot selects itself, at random. This results in works of art that are similar but never the same. Each piece is an original.

Proximars Painting Collection Robot-Made Art

Proximars Painting Collection Robot-Made Art on a Wall

This robot art is made in Italy

All of the paintings in this robot-created art collection are 100% made in Italy. The pieces were all designed, developed, and created in warehouses in the Italian North-West and come in both 75×60 CM and 100×75 CM sizes. The company is proud to offer global shipping, and you can learn more about the shipping rate to your country on the check-out menu when you pledge the campaign.

Proximars Painting Collection Robot-Made Art

Proximars Painting Collection Robot-Made Art and the Robot

As someone with not much artistic skill but a great deal of appreciation, I think the pieces in the Andy_Bot collection make beautiful, conversation-worthy additions to any space. The works are colorful interpretations of Warhol’s influence on art and technology, and their creation shows what a collaboration between a human artist and a robot can achieve.

Pieces in the Proximars Painting Collection robot-made art start at $270.53, and you can preorder yours on Kickstarter.

Proximars Painting Collection Robot-Made Art

Proximars Painting Collection Robot-Made Art and the Artist

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