This Smart Life Collar Has a Days-Long Battery Life

The Wuanap Smart Life Collar keeps your head above water. Even if you’re unconscious, the Wuanap will prevent you from drowning. In fact, this collar activates in five situations: if you’re unconscious or immobile, having a panic attack or seizure, or holding your breath. Furthermore, you can manually activate the Wuanap when you press a button for two seconds or scream on the water. This gadget works for people of all ages and for any activity other than scuba diving. The neoprene collar inflation system detects danger and activates within five seconds of a person becoming unconscious to keep their nose and mouth out of the water. Finally, it doesn’t use cartridges or flammable gas. When activated, it sends an SOS signal to nearby Wuanap users as well as lifeguards. What’s more, you can use the connected app to view performance data it collects—a helpful sports training tool.

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