This Smartphone Capsule Provides You With a Digital Break

The Yuman.Case by Yuman.x Smartphone Capsule keeps your device out of sight and mind. It’s a must-have if you’re constantly checking your phone or continuous notifications affect your productivity. Lock your smartphone in this specialized device for a much-needed digital break. Science shows that airplane and do-not-disturb modes aren’t enough to fully disconnect. When our phones are in sight, they still affect our cognitive resources—so the Yuman.Case was created with scientific research in mind. What makes it special is that it protects your smartphone and data, securing any data going in or out. It also has foam padding on the interior. The gadget’s smooth-locking mechanism gently opens so you can retrieve your phone at any time. So, the next time you find you can’t put your phone down or want to disconnect from notifications, opt for this capsule.

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