This Trainable Robot Teaches Children How to Code

If you need some friendly help around the house, look to the Nabot AI Trainable Robot. You can even code this cute little programmable robot to do chores for you. What’s more, this remote control robot can recognize objects and people, and it can even grab and move objects with its arm. Designed with an easy-to-use interface, the Nabot offers a great introduction to writing code. In fact, you’ll get real-time, hands-on experience by programming it to clean up your child’s toys or mop the floors. If you’re a programmer, you’ll love the freedom you get with teaching this robot. Additionally, if you have a child who you’d like to learn more STEM skills, this interactive robot provides a way to teach them. With an HD camera, it streams real-time video to your phone and computer. So you can see exactly what the Nabot sees.

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