This Whiteboard Projector Comes with an Interactive Stylus

Get more out of your projecting experience with the GoTouch Beam Whiteboard Projector. This portable projector lets you write, draw, and share with ease. And that’s on whatever surface you’re using. Because this compact projector comes with an interactive stylus, you can easily hold it while navigating through your presentation. Scroll through different screens while pointing the stylus at the wall. Or use the stylus to draw on an image to show your marketing team the changes you’d like made. Moreover, you can use the GoTouch Beam if you’re coaching a team and need to mark a play—directly on the still from the game’s recording. The projector itself allows people to join interactive videoconferences, and it also has an invisible touchpad on the top. It’s an ideal way to lead meetings and watch TV all from one device.

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