Where can you buy the new iPhone SE?

It may be a great moment to get yourself a brand-new iPhone. It’s even better when you realize the price tag for the latest iPhone SE starts at just $399, but where exactly should you buy it. There are several carriers that offer monthly installments, or you can use your current device as a trade-in to get a discount. Whatever the case, take a look at these options and decide which is the best one for you.

Maybe your best option may be to go directly to, where the new iPhone SE is listed for $399. You can bring this price down with a trade-in, and the discount will depend on the phone you provide. The iPhone XR, for example, will get your $300 discount, while an iPhone 7 Plus could get you up to $150 off.

The price of your new iPhone SE will also depend on the amount of storage you choose, since the base model that’s selling for $399 come with 64GB of storage space. The 128GB version can be yours for $449, and the version with 256GB will cost you $549.


Now, there are several installment options from the largest carriers in the US. On AT&T, you can get your device by paying $16.62/mo for 24 months with the Apple iPhone Payments. However, you can also choose AT&T installment Plans that will make you pay $13.30/mo for 30 months, but you get an early update option available for an additional $5 a month for the 64GB version. The 128GB version will cost you $18.70/mo for 24 months, or $14.97/mo for 30 months, and the 256GB version will cost you $22.87 for 24 months or $18.30 for 30 months.


T-Mobile and Sprint will offer the same prices since they have already merged to give their customers a better experience. The 256GB version will cost $22.87 for 24 months, the 128GB can be yours for $18.70 a month, and you can get the base model for $16.62.


Last but not least, the iPhone SE can also be yours on Verizon’s network. You can get the base model on both Appl iPhone Payments or on Verizon’s Device Payment Program for the same price, which means $16.62 for 24 months for 64GB. The version with 128GB in storage will cost you $18.70, and the 256GB version is selling for 24 monthly payments of $22.87. The main difference is that with the Verizon Device Payment Program, you have the option to upgrade to a new iPhone every year.

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