You can watch free Netflix documentaries on YouTube right now

Netflix is part of a great number of companies that are trying to find ways to make our time at home a bit more enjoyable during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has uploaded some of its documentary series, shorts, and feature films to its YouTube channel for anyone to watch for free.

This new decision was taken as a response to teachers requesting access to documentaries that are usually screened inside classrooms. Netflix has allowed teachers to screen its documentaries for a time now. These were only to be accessed via the Netflix service. Now, teachers, students, and anyone interested in learning something new may access some of its most popular documentaries, which include: 13th (Film), Abstract (Series – Season 1), Babies (Series – select episodes) and Our Planet (Series) to mention a few. These also come with additional resource material that will help viewers get a better experience.

Right now, you will only find these documentaries with English subtitles, but Netflix will add more languages in the coming week. In time, Netflix is also planning on hosting Q&A sessions with creators to give students a better understanding of the videos and more in-depth insight as to what happened behind cameras of this content.

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